Friday, January 27

Morning Glory

The strength of colour of the foliage took my breath away and I knew I had to paint them.

Tuesday, January 24

Touch of Gold

I have had another go at this scene which I first painted some time ago but was never satisfied with. I'm particularly happy with the temperature and warmth...not always easy to accomplish with greens and yellows. I'm also pleased with the foreground (palette knife) and overall composition. I may yet add a little more foliage but hopefully I'll resist the temptation. 

Friday, January 20

Heading North

I caught this view from the passenger seat as we drove north a few weeks ago. Bev is to the right and the steering wheel to the left. It was a brief window of opportunity as a second later the road dipped and trees obscured the view. I've seen a few industrial scenes of late that I've liked the colour of and want to paint.

Wednesday, January 18

Safe Waters

6x6 Oil on board
A slap it on thick and fast type of painting applied with a palette knife and brush without too much time thinking about it. This is a French harbour but I no longer remember where it was. This is another one of those scenes that I will paint time and time again without any of them looking the same.

Tuesday, January 17


6x6 Oil on board
I loved the way the light hit the grass bank and decided to add more lemon yellow, although this image shows a tad more yellow than the original.

Monday, January 16

The Pond

6x6 Oil on board
Can't quite get the vibrancy and depth of colour with this photograph...I'll try again when I have natural dayight.
The scene is the pond in Yvon's woods in Brittany...a place I always visit and sit on the makeshift bench to have a quiet moment or two. It's also a place that I will paint time and time again.
Still trying to find a good price to replace the lens I broke.

Paris in Pink

Paris in Pink 6x6 inches. Oil on Board. I painted this scene in 2012 entitled Impressions of Paris but it came out very dull. I&...