new studio

This is an artists impression of what I'd like it to be like, but it isn't likely to get through planning, so it'll probably look more like the second image.

It started life as a bread oven in our front garden several hundred years ago. The next photo shows how it was when we bought the place.

Yes, that's it under all the ivy.

de-vegitated and now the chimney stack needs demolishing.

Building up the outside wall.

Rebuilding the gable end.

Concrete base and levelling the ground.


Lime rendered.

Inside wall built up.

Built up and filled.
Planning permission has been granted, but it's all covered for winter and ready to put the roof on in spring.

So far...
It's probably too big for a studio so it'll probably end up as an art class area for summer as well as a general summerhouse.

I will be renovating another outbuilding for the studio.

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